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A look at the new Bristows SAR Helicopters – Wow what an aircraft!


Don Shanks  and the lovely new helicopter. Don Shanks and the lovely new helicopter.

John Sheldon’s  pilot has still got that ‘kid with a new toy’ look – Jim Fraser

  • “The kit on the outside and the equipment may have changed.
  • Underneath the heart and soul of the troops remains the same.”
  • How true today!

I had a look at the new Bristows helicopter a few days ago what a great aircraft it looks and all shiny and new. We got a great brief by the pilot  John Sheldon and crew  and a look about. It was amazing to see the many changes since the early days of the helicopter. I was impressed with it all and especially the casualty area and the light inside the cab for working on casualties is impressive. All the technology is impressive as was the attitude of all concerned to ensure that everything works seamlessly. Many of the Military aircrew are joining…

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An experts view on the tragic Avalanche in the Cairngorms –


The Depth Of snow the day after the avalanche in 2013 The Depth Of snow the day after the avalanche in 2013

Yesterday I wrote can we learn from past accidents the photo above is the tragic Avalanche in the Cairngorms that took 3 young lives in 2013. This was a black period in Scottish Avalanches with 8 people losing  there lives in Avalanches that winter. I went in the day after to have a look at the  Cairngorm Avalanche and the scale of it was horrendous. I did not do this with a morbid fascination but as I knew two of the people killed I wanted to see how this could have happened in such a so well known area? I wrote about this in my Blog in 2013 and it was a real tragedy that many will never get over. I was expecting an enquiry about the accident and I have been sent this article by a well known…

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Big Search on Ben Nevis and welcome to Rescue 951 – Easter winter warnings on the Mountains

Another excellent post. And it’s not just the northern mountains. Whilst Loch Lomond may look tranquil this morning there has been heavy rain sleet and hail and high winds down to low level and a lot of snow on Ben Lomond and the Cobbler


Ben Nevis has an ongoing massive Search for a missing 23-year-old hill walker from London, my thoughts are with the family who must be going through hell just now. Yesterdays search saw the last flight of RAF Rescue 137 and the handover of the new SAR Helicopter Contract by Bristows Rescue 951 based in Inverness. I wish the crews of whom many are old  friends safe flying and many successful Rescues.

Lochaber MRT facebook photo and the first day of R951 Safe Flying.  Photo Lochaber MRT facebook  and the first day of R951 Safe Flying.

The incident is now in day 3 and the weather has been wild as it to be expected  for winter in Scotland. The local Police ,Lochaber MRT plus Glencoe, SARDA and RAF Lossiemouth MRT will brave wild conditions with the heavy snow and have to be very careful. My thoughts are with them all  may they be looked after as they search  for this young man. We…

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The last day and Farewell to RAF Rescue 137/138 – RAF SAR Sea Kings. Please share!

Well said Heavy


2012 MRT RAF

A Fond Farewell to the SAR Sea kings from RAF Lossiemouth .

Farewell and thanks! Farewell and thanks!

On the First of April 2015 we say farewell in the Highlands to the RAF Sea Kings from RAF Lossiemouth in Morayshire. The new contract will result in Bristow’s taking over the SAR Contract for the UK and I wish them well for the future. The new aircraft is long overdue and it will be a tremendous addition to SAR in the UK. The RAF and Royal Navy Sea Kings have been a huge part of my life as 40 years was spent involved with Mountain Rescue. The main period 37 years with the RAF Mountain Rescue Service. I also worked in the Aeronautical Rescue Co Ordination Centre at Kinloss working with the SAR Military Assets throughout UK.   Helicopters have been a huge part of my life even though flying terrified me!   I was with…

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