Open letter to the Northern Scot on the farewell of the Sea King from RAF Lossiemouth.

Well said Sir!


This was published in the Northern Scot by a good friend it is worth a read. I will be blogging on the 30/31 st of March to say Farewell to the RAF Lossiemouth Sea Kings on the 1 st of April

RAF Search & Rescue is slipping into oblivion without a passing thought or a thank you


It was a suitable tribute that the country remembered and said thank you all the servicemen and women for their part in the Afghanistan campaign in St Pauls Cathedral; however, 31st March 2015 marks the start of the end of Royal Air Force Search and Rescue (SAR) within the UK, a proud 74 year record.

RAF Search and Rescue developed during wartime with the aim of rescuing downed airmen and has expanded  over the years to cover all aspects of aviation and many aspects of sea and land rescue ever since, rescuing…

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202 Squadron D Flight Party cancelled – Hang your heads in shame !



Many will know by now that the RAF Sea Kings at Lossiemouth will end a long and incredible SAR history with the Highlands on the 1 st of April . We will all miss them and the crews, there was going to be a wee part but it is now cancelled. This is from the Facebook Page.

“It is with the utmost regret that we have to inform you all that D Flt has been ordered to cancel the event at the Drouthy Cobbler on 2 Apr 2015. Please be aware that we are still eternally grateful for all the support we have received from you all over the decades and we wish you all the best for the future!”

2001 Avalanche Gorms

To me this is a very sad day and I find it woeful that the great Yellow bird can leave without any acknowledgement! The men and women who worked and…

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Bothies, litter and education – a step forward


Last August I let rip at groups taking young people into the hills. I love it that there are people who care enough to encourage youngsters into the mountains but, like so many others involved in bothy maintenance, I’d cleaned out one too many load of rubbish and abandoned kit clearly left by young folk, and seen just too many pieces of graffiti including the initials ‘DofE’.

Rubbish in Corrour Bothy, in the Cairngorms National Park Close-up of some of the rubbish left in Corrour Bothy

So on the back of an exceptionally large load of rubbish at Corrour, much of it clearly from young people, I challenged youth group leaders to clean up their act – literally. There was a lot of the predictable “oh no, not MY young people” but some did come forward, notably Alex Cumming, Assistant Director of DofE Scotland, and Steve McQueen of the Perth & Kinross DofE Association, both with a very…

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