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Ever since I have been on-staff at a tertiary care academic hospital, I have made it a point to teach all the students and residents I work with about the ‘laryngospasm notch’. Specifically, since it is my standard care for every patient I extubate, I make sure trainees are applying firm pressure in the laryngospasm notch after they extubate every patient. Usually, the first residents have ever heard of the ‘notch’ is from me! This is disappointing since this manoeuvre is extremely important in clinical anesthesia, and every anesthesia practitioner should know about it. I therefore thought I would write a blog post about it.

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A few thoughts again on those that comment on Mountain Accidents.


Yesterday I fielded a fair few calls from the media after the accident in Torridon  in the North West Of Scotland where an Avalanche took  another life. My thoughts as always are with those involved and especially the family. This is a heavy winter for weather, high winds and heavy snowfall can make conditions hard to judge. Many climbers seek new areas to climb some  in the remoter areas of Scotland places that I also love in far North West. Descents from climbs and summits in bad weather are tricky and there are few other climbers  in the remoter corries ,communications can be and are poor, help can be far away.  Yet these are incredible places to be and you only have to look at the media this weekend to see how many had a wonderful walking weekend climbing and skiing safely in this unique country.


I was alerted to…

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