Sensationalism on Mountain Accidents by the Media ! A personal view.


I am just back from a great two days in the Scottish Mountains in the North West enjoying a wonderful time. I missed the massive callout in the Cairngorms where another family suffer the tragedy of losing one they love in the mountains. My first thoughts are condolences to the family who lost a loved one and my thoughts are with them. Also for the Helicopter crews, Rescue Teams and Search dogs and all involved in the search and recovery in such weather. Yet I was over on the West enjoying a great spell of weather in a remote location, at times I was on my own where a slip on the full on winter conditions could have been very serious but I was confident and acknowledged the risk I was taking. People knew where I was going, I had map , compass and the basic skills and equipment for…

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Congratulations to Arran Mountain Rescue Team 50 th Anniversary


Witches Hat Witches Hat

Today the Arran Mountain Rescue Team will celebrate their 50 year Anniversary with a well deserved function on the island tonight. I was given the great honour of being asked to speak at the dinner, unfortunately I could not make it as I am just recovering from two operations. I fell terrible for letting them down as I love the wonderful Island of Arran and its people after spending much time there in my very early years on this magnificent place. My father a minister in Ayr and mother regularly took us a young family (5 children) with little money  available on this fun Island.

Wild days on Arran rock Wild days on Arran rock

I spent so much time on the beach on the rowing boats the sea  and the great hills, these were the highlights of my early years and I climbed most of the peaks as young boy of 10…

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