The Luibeg woods – aftermath of a blaze


Part of the hillside in the Luibeg woods, damaged by fire in June 2014 Burnt vegetation and charred wood – a hillside stripped of life

Three weeks since the fire and the smell of burnt wood still wafted across the river in the slight breeze. Not that you could have missed the charred hillside and riverbank: acres of black ground and browned pine needles where both should have been the vivid green of summer.

On 18th June fire struck a large area of the Luibeg woods, from about 300 metres west of Luibeg Cottage up the south bank of the river and over the area of hillocks that narrows the course of the Luibeg between the Derry Flats and the upper meanders of the burn.

Hillock and riverbank by the Luibeg burn showing fire damage Just one of the hillocks and a section of the riverbank affected by the fire

The area affected comes to about 25 acres, and the scar is visible from Derry Lodge – a vivid reminder of the damage…

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